Nardine Staroverov, MS, LMFT     Wife, Mom, friend and lover of life

Nardine Staroverov, MS, LMFT

Wife, Mom, friend and lover of life

Meet Nardine

Hello! Welcome to my practice! My name is Nardine Staroverov and I am a  licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the state of Connecticut and owner of The Wellness Star Counseling Services. I have been in the field for over 10 years with extensive experience working with children, couples and families.  I have  worked in the context of community mental health agencies and private practice.  

I am grateful and honored to have this incredible opportunity to work at my private practice doing what I love, which is providing couples therapy and marriage counseling and working with individuals going through major life transitions.  I also provide faith-based counseling for those who are seeking to integrate their faith in their treatment process. 

As a therapist, a wife and mom, I believe that relationships are essential to our emotional wellbeing and that the family/couple unit provide most of us with an opportunity for such connections.  Some of us may not have had the opportunity to form healthy relationships in our immediate families.  Much to our dismay, we can sometimes find ourselves recreating the same negative patterns in our relationship with our significant other.

Since none of us are born knowing how to have a healthy relationship or successful marriage, it's important to know that it is something that we can learn and succeed at.  Fulfilling relationships require work and intentionality.  If you are ready for change and are willing to put in the work, I am honored to help you in this exciting journey of discovery.  

I can not promise that it will be all rosy.  There will be tears, frustrations, and moments that you might want to give up but great things never come easy; especially great relationships.  If that were so, the divorce rate would not be as high.  

"Great relationships requires hard work, perseverance and patience."

Couple therapy is all about helping two different people embrace their differences and similarities in order to have an effective and fulfilling relationship.  

My hope is that I will be able to provide you with the tools and help you to understand how your background, values and expectations impact you as in individual and therefore impact your partner and your relationship.  

I believe that we all are  capable of changing our situation and possess the inner strength to do so.  Sometimes, we just need a little guidance and support.