Back-to-School for Married Couples

Back-to-school for the kids can be a time for you and your spouse to reconnect.  A busy summer with later bed time and inconsistent schedules meant less alone time with you and your spouse.  

While your summer may have been filled with multiple fun family outings, trips to the beach or maybe a dream family vacation, if you are anything like me you are probably exhausted.  After a long summer, most parents are anticipating the beginning of the school year.  It's that time of year to get organized.  the next couple of weeks will  most likely be focused on buying school supplies, trips to the mall and other department stores because your kids have outgrown all their clothes and shoes within a span of two months.  Most of all, your family will be working on getting back on a routine and enforcing bed time routine again which can be one of the toughest under taking.  

Back to school can be very stressful for many parents, especially if you have multiple school age children or a new member of the family starting school.  The first few weeks will be an adjustment for the family as you figure out schedules and a new morning time routine for some.  

In addition to school, the kids will also be resuming after school activities which requires time and additional planning.  Here are three tips that can decrease some of the stressors with back-to-school and also help you and your spouse reconnect and remain connected throughout the school year.

  1. Pre-planned dinners- Having a set day to prepare a few meals in advance will decrease the stress of trying to figure out a meal every night, especially on nights where the kids have to attend sports activities.  
  2. Creative date nights-Due to the kids earlier bed times, you and your spouse will have more time in the evening with each other.  take advantage of the time and put down the electronics and spend quality time with each other (ex. movie night, family room picnic for two).
  3. Play hooky! Yes did! it's a great time to take off a day from work and spend time with your spouse doing something adventurous, new, or fun.   The most important rule is that you do not talk about your kids while out.  I know its really hard, but try to focus on each other.  Talk about your dreams and goals as individuals and dreams for your marriage.

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Nardine Staroverov, LMFT