Christian-Based Counseling

As a Christian and a therapist, I am passionate about helping those who are wanting to integrate their faith in the counseling process. I believe in a holistic approach to counseling which recognizes the interconnection of mind, body and spirit. I believe that when these three elements are addressed through the lens of biblical principles and scriptures, growth is inevitable.

I see myself, as a vessel through whom God will work to help you on your unique journey to healing.

Services Provided


The art of Communication marriage workshop

Have you every wondered why so many couples struggle with communicating effectively?

Effective communication is always at the core of every successful marriage and learning to embrace each other’s differences is one of the keys to a long lasting marriage.

This workshop offers practical skills and integrate research-based psychotherapy techniques with biblical principles.

If you are interested in bringing this workshop to your church or are interested in other topics, please contact me so that we can tailor your workshop to the needs of your ministry.