Women's Empowerment Group

break free

What is your story?  Have you been made to feel that you were not good enough? No matter your accomplishments; do you continue to compare yourself to others?  Do you struggle with the imposter syndrome? This group is focused on helping women who struggle with self-worth and negative self-talk learn to embrace their uniqueness and gifts in order to heal, grow and thrive individually  and through the power of connections. We will use narrative therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) techniques in order to help you recognize negative patterns that have hindered your personal growth and develop a new empowering story.  We will achieve this through the use of creative arts such as writing, poetry, art and music. Join us and let us discover your super power.

This group will run for 6 weeks.  To schedule an intake interview to join this group, call us today.


  • Location: 32 Maple avenue, Suite C, Windsor CT 06095

  • Date/Time: Mondays, 6:30 PM-7:30 PM

  • Members: Limited to 6 members

  • $45 per session

New Mom's therapy Group

It’s mommy time!

This group is for new moms who are looking to practice self-care in order to not lose their sense of self. This group is purposefully baby free to help moms practice soliciting help from family and friends. This group provides connection and support to new moms who are learning to balance self- care and motherhood. Group topics will focus on birth stories, journal writing and learning coping skills to combat anxiety and depression through Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and mindfulness skills. To schedule an intake interview to join this group, call us today.


  • Date/Time: Fridays 6:00PM-7:00PM

  • Limited to 6 members

$30 per session