About Happy Couples


Marriage takes work!  It takes commitment, love, forgiveness and intentionality to have a happy, healthy and fun marriage.  

Most couples are terrified of couples therapy.  The mission of Happy Couples is to provide services such as workshops, and free educational content for couples who are committed to their relationship but need help to regain the connection and the spark in their marriage. Most of all, we provide an opportunity for couples to connect with like minded couples who are committed to having a healthy, happy and fun marriage. If this describes you and your spouse, you have come to the right place.  

I understand that every marriage/relationship experiences challenges.  But it's what you do with those challenges that matters.  These challenges may not indicate major issues but they should not be ignored.  Similar to the check engine light in your car, the challenges are a reminder that your relationship is in need of a routine maintenance.  

If you find the passion in your marriage waning and you are arguing more frequently and being more critical of each other, you are in need of marriage maintenance. However, if you find that your relationship is in need of restoration due to years of unresolved conflicts, resentment or disconnection from not being able to bounce back from a life transition, the traditional model of couple therapy would be a better fit for your marriage.  Please don't hesitate to reach out.


happy couples program

This program will showcase Real Couples and Real Marriages and the secret to their happiness. Join the conversation!                           



Join and connect with other like-minded couples looking to build community and discuss topics focusing on healthy couple relationship and more.