"you REPEAt what you don't repair"

_ John Gottman

Do I need Marriage counseling or couples Therapy?

Every couple experiences hard times at some point in their relationship.  However, when most of these interactions are marked by constant arguments, it causes a strain in the relationship which can leave both partners with feelings of anger and or resentment.  

what to expect in Marriage counseling couples therapy?

The goal of marriage counseling (couple therapy) is to help you and your partner uncover the core issues that are keeping you in this constant negative cycle of interaction and to break the cycle.  My goal is to help both you and your partner to stop having the same arguments and be able to communicate where both of you are feeling heard and understood by identifying the triggers that might be causing discontentment in your relationship.  In addition, each partner will also be encouraged to develop an understanding of his/her contribution to the difficulties taking place in the relationship.  

However, this process requires commitment from both people.  You and your spouse have to be willing to the work outside of our therapy sessions.

If you are committed the the process of improving your relationship, marriage counseling will allow you and your partner to experience a relationship where two people who are imperfect get to grow and thrive by identifying and understanding each others's emotional baggage.  Through healing you will be able lead a happy and enjoyable life with less unhealthy interactions.  

areas of focus in Marriage Counseling and couples therapy:

I understand that no two individuals are the same.  I tailor our sessions to address challenges unique to your relationship.  If you are looking to reconnect or restore your relationship, I provide a nurturing and an emotionally safe environment for you and your partner to explore areas of contention in your relationship in order to achieve a deeper sense of intimacy.  

I utilize evidenced-based tools in session and also give clients out of session assignments in order to practice skills learned in session.