Prepare-Enrich Couple Assessment Tool

Here’s the issue: you and your partner fight without resolution. Maybe, his or her messiness drives you nuts and you have learned to live with those frustrations but are unhappy. At this point, one or both of you are thinking about couples therapy, however, you are unsure whether it would be effective.

You do not to have to resign to living in frustration in an unhappy relationship. I have come up with a process to help you determine whether couples therapy would be beneficial for your relationship.

how does it work?

The assessment is broken down into 3 sessions. The first session is a joint session where I will meet with you and your partner to discuss your concerns about the relationship and the history of the relationship. After the session, I will set you and your partner to take an individual online assessment through PrePare-Enrich for a one time fee of $35. This assessment can be done at your own convenience but needs to be completed before the second session. Prepare-Enrich is the #1 research-based assessment tool that has helped many couples for over 35 years to build and improve their relationship. The second session consists of individual therapy 30 minutes for each partner. During the third session we discuss the results, where you are in your marriage or relationship and if you would benefit from therapy.

I look forward to helping you in your journey.