Relationship Coaching

Counseling is not only for couples who are in distress.  Counseling can also enhance relationships that are not satisfying, rewarding or lacking in passion. According to John Gottman’s research, most couples are unhappy for years before entering therapy. Gottman equates waiting too long to seek counseling to walking around on a broken leg for years and therefore inflicting permanent damage that could have been fixed much more effectively in the beginning.

My goal is to bridge this gap with relationship coaching.

This approach focuses on couples who might be going through a rough patch due to normal life transitions such as a new baby, career change, adoption and raising young children. My role is to provide a space where couples can come in for a check-in. Similar to your yearly check ups for your physical health, it is important to maintain the health of your relationship.

In order to have a healthy relationship it is important to practice relationship maintenance. 

relationship coaching is for you if...

  • You desire to be more connected to your significant other

  • You are good friends but lacking passion

  • You desire to address stuck points

How Does Relationship Coaching Work?

Relationship coaching consists of 1-5 sessions. This approach is short term and it's goal specific. Couples will complete the Prepare and Enrich online assessment for a one time fee of $35.  This assessment will identify the couple's strength and growth areas (areas in need of improvement). We will then come up with a plan to help the couple get reconnected or get unstuck in their relationship.  

The goal is to help you and your spouse identify areas where potential problems may arise or help address stuck points before the relationship gets out of control.